Empowering innovators,
igniting impact

CRH Ventures is actively seeking solutions that address critical challenges. By fostering a collaborative environment between CRH and selected startups, we aim to catalyse the development and implementation of innovative solutions that can significantly impact the construction industry.

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What do startups get from the
accelerator programmes?


Pilot your technology with the leaders in sustainable road construction solutions. Gain insights from our vertically integrated platform and 50+ years of operational excellence.

CRH Networks

Collaborate with experts from across CRH’s 200+ operating companies and leverage our strong network of industry partners to scale your company.

Market Validation

Demonstrate success at an industrial scale to accelerate product development and customer adoption.

Financial Support

All travel and pilot expenses will be covered by the programme. CRH Ventures will consider investments of up to $5M in each startup at the conclusion of the programme.