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CRH Ventures Accelerator for Water Solutions finalists announced

CRH Ventures is proud to unveil the six successful companies to emerge from their 2023 Accelerator for Water Solutions programme. 

Launched in May 2023, the accelerator focused on three key challenge areas across the water value chain; stormwater, wastewater, and potable water. The programme had an overwhelming response, with more than one hundred startup companies from across five continents going through the application process. Over 70% of these hailed from North America and Europe, reinforcing the global interest in deploying sustainable water solutions. 

Following a meticulous review of all applications, the past six months has seen the startups shortlisted to thirty, then streamlined further to twelve, with each of those companies then being invited to take part in a pitch day to present to a committee of selected CRH stakeholders across relevant Operating Companies. Within this process innovations such as biofilitration, erosion control, flood detection, plant treatment and leak detection were all explored and considered. 

Now, the final six can be confirmed, each excelling in addressing vital components of the water value chain. They are: 

Aquality Design and engineering solutions for stormwater harvesting systems, greywater recycling, and wastewater. (Founders: Thomas Contentin, Lutz Johnen) 

Captoplastic Water treatment technology focusing on monitoring and removing microplastics (PFAS) from water. (Founder: Raquel Parra Sanchez) 

Datatecnics Design software for monitoring water infrastructure assets and flow characteristics of water systems. (Founder: Suhayl Zulfiquar) 

Fluidion Connected field water quality instrumentation for identifying and tracking various contaminants and quality attributes. (Founder: Dan Angelescu) 

FSC Tech Concrete reinforcement technology, involving wrapping and tensioning fiber with resin around concrete elements. (Founders: Vernon Cameron, Claudio Subacchi, Giovanni Ferri) 

Previsico Flood monitoring and prediction technology. (Founder: Dapeng Yu, Avinoam Baruch) 

CRH Ventures congratulates all of these startups on their success so far, and eagerly anticipates the contributions they will each make as they pilot and scale their technologies with selected CRH Operating Companies further.