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CRH Ventures announces U.S. demo programme with FBR

CRH Ventures and FBR Limited, a leading Australia-based robotics innovator, have entered into a binding agreement for a U.S. Demonstration Programme of the Hadrian X® technology. Through this partnership, CRH has the option to gain exclusive access to FBR's proprietary technology for roll-out across the U.S.

This patented truck-based, block-laying robot enables CRH to create a unique Wall as a Service® solution with numerous benefits to their customers. By integrating CRH’s concrete blocks with a differentiated block-laying service, customers can increase productivity, efficiency and jobsite safety through more consistent and accurate block construction, as well as reduce waste and cost. Significantly, this solution also helps CRH’s customers address the challenges of the skilled labour shortage.

Under the agreement, CRH Ventures has paid for an option for further collaboration with FBR pending the success of the Demonstration Programme aimed at constructing up to ten houses in Florida, which is a high-growth market where CRH has leading positions in the concrete block business. This technology has the potential to revolutionise traditional construction methods, and the agreement includes an exclusive option for a future joint venture and further roll out of 300 Hadrian X® robots across the U.S. market.

Eduardo Gomez, Head of CRH Ventures, said: "This collaboration exemplifies CRH Ventures’ dedication to investing in innovation and transformative new technologies. By leveraging FBR's cutting-edge robotics and CRH’s position as the leading building materials supplier in the U.S. we aim to reinvent the way our world is built by redefining how homes are built, contributing to a more efficient and sustainable future."

The Demonstration Programme will feature the Hadrian X® utilising concrete blocks supplied by CRH to construct external walls for a series of single-story houses. It is the first initiative of its kind to showcase the innovative Wall as a Service® solution, which could mark a pivotal step toward reshaping residential construction in the U.S.

Mike Pivac, FBR Managing Director and CEO, said: "The agreements with CRH Ventures mark a significant milestone in FBR's journey. We are eager to enter the U.S. market with the support of one of the largest concrete block manufacturers, showcasing our technology's capabilities and commencing our scaling plan."