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CRH Ventures expands its partnerhsip with AICrete

Following its investment in AICrete in 2022, CRH Ventures wanted to do a proof-of-concept to validate AICrete’s technology. AICrete combines data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a unique ‘recipe-as-a-service’ platform that supports ready-mix and precast concrete producers to optimize concrete mixes, reducing both the CO2 footprint and the cost of concrete production. AICrete’s technology is capable of quickly optimizing mixes and significantly reduces the time required for mix optimization.

CRH Ventures partnered with Century Concrete, A CRH Company, in Kansas City to pilot AICrete’s technology and optimize a single mix design, with the aim of lowering the mix’s carbon footprint and cost. To test this technology, the team carefully selected a high-volume mix with just two aggregates, straight cement, and water reducers.

The pilot was a success with initial results yielding an average 3.5% savings on concrete material costs and reducing CO2 emissions by an average of 5%.  AICrete’s unique approach using both AI and real-world testing is a game changer and CRH Ventures plans to expand its partnership with AICrete through participation in AICrete’s ‘Founder’s Club’. The ‘Founder’s Club’ enables the optimization of more concrete mixes with the goal of reducing the overall cost and carbon footprint of concrete production.

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