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CRH Ventures invests in AICrete

We are proud to announce our first investment in AICrete which is aligned with one of our focus areas, digitalizing the construction industry.

AICrete combines data and Artificial Intelligence to create a unique ‘recipe-as-a-service’ platform that works with local concrete producers, optimising local materials and minimising the amount of cement used, reducing both the CO2 footprint and the cost of concrete production. Their technology will enable concrete professionals to play an active role in making a more sustainable future for everyone.

We are investing in companies like AICrete due to their resilience, adaptability, and capacity to innovate, converting today’s challenges into value-creation opportunities. AICrete aims to improve traditional mix design processes with data-driven models making our industry more efficient, profitable and sustainable through their intelligent mix optimisation software.

We are thrilled to partner with AICrete on their journey to continue evolving their software and intelligent algorithm with the final goal of becoming the industry standard for concrete producers. Within a few short years, AICrete expects to make these optimisations in real-time, radically changing the way the industry operates.

Through our partnership, we look to:
• Expand proof of concept and scale commercially
• Enhance the database and further improve predictive machine learning models

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