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CRH Ventures sponsors C-Tech Club event

This week, we sponsored our first C-Tech Club event, celebrating the launch of the 2023 C-Tech Club report 'Catalogue of Construction Technology Types' at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London! The event was a great success, providing us with the opportunity to meet founders and other professionals connected with construction technology, and to participate in a panel discussion on ConTech.

About the C-Tech Club

Founded in 2019 by John Priestland, the former Global Strategy Director at WSP, the C-Tech Club is a supportive networking group for founders and CEOs of start-ups in the Construction Tech ecosystem. Currently boasting 340 members across 28 countries, the club partners with other big names, such as Digital Construction Week, the Future of Construction Summit in Australia, and the Big Five in Dubai.

What Support does C-Tech Club offer to its members?

The club provides its members with invaluable industry insights, including the previous report which shared founders’ views on business models, and pricing challenges of developing SAAS businesses (click here to see the report). Additionally, they host monthly networking sessions to discuss market trends, new projects and opportunities, and connect members with industry leaders.

About the Catalogue of Construction Technology Types Report

The new report, the 'Catalogue of Construction Technology Types,' sets out 31 categories of construction technology that construction and design project managers can choose from, to determine which technology would be most beneficial to them. The report highlights the range and depth of technology available for all phases of the construction lifecycle, demonstrating that 'contech' is a promising ecosystem that can drive our industry forward. We're proud to partner with such an incredible organization and look forward to continuing our support in the future!

To read the full report, click here.